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Amrita Sher-Gil

20 x 20 inches - Acrylic on Canvas

Art often says more about the artist, than it does of the subject.

black & white painting of Amrita sher gil
painting of Amrita SherGil closeup
black & white painting of amrita shergil
painting of Amrita SherGil closeup

When I first saw the paintings by artist Amrita Sher-Gil, I couldn’t quite figure out why they choked me up, and yet I just couldn’t look away.

I saw an artistic depiction of people going about their daily chores but with a sense of silent resolute.

A rendering rarely seen of women at the time, and even now, (as portrayals tend to cast them as beautiful and happy) in Amrita's art were non-complex visuals of brown women wearing vibrant reds and greens, yet their mood is despaired, as though waiting for something they doubt will ever come along.

A name that must be remembered;

Only 28 at the time of her death, Amrita Sher-Gil left behind a legacy that established her as one of the foremost artists of the 20th century.

painting of Amrita SherGil

The works of Amrita Sher-Gil

three girls amrita

Three Girls, 1935

going to market by amrita

Going to a market, 1937

bride by amrita

The Bride, 1940

amrita shergil

30 Jan 1913 - 5 Dec 1941

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