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Lost tales told through a collection of black and white portraits

Inspiration behind Untold, the collection:

I envision myself in a room, a modest space lively with tune and conversation.
I look around and I am inspired, immediately wide-eyed and in complete admiration of the stories that fill this gathering. Here, I am surrounded by risk-takers, adventurers, artists, defenders, rebels, and fearless warriors.

I slowly walk through, feeling unknown and perhaps too intimidated to approach anyone, yet they smile at me and their smiles fill me with an overwhelming sense of possibility and safety.


These are the faces that believed, persevered and conquered against all odds.
The faces that gave quietly for us to stand tall and live loud.

'Untold' is my attempt at sharing with you the haunting stories and feelings that empower me as I look around a room full of my personal heroes.

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